Miracle and Dream come true

Name: Mrs.Anushka Abhijeet Bhosale

“Miracle and Dream come true”

           We Mr. And Mrs. Bhosale & Family, take an opportunity to thank & be grateful to each and every member & staff of pristine for their support, cooperation and excellent service they provide us at the time of our stay for delivery at the hospital.

           Special thanks to Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, for his professional, friendly nature and his expertise in the field and his proactive response every time. After struggling for 18 years to consent with endless efforts,due to the team of Pristine, we have A Beautiful Angel in our life today. Pristine has made my pregnancy and delivery such a smooth and trouble less journey. Each and every member of pristine from reception , Doctors, Helpers, Security Guards, Lab,Sonography team have been like a family. Taking lots of care with full cooperation , made me feel positive and happy. Also, they helped me in parenting and educating me about breastfeeding techniques. All the team were exceptionally calming, supporting and helpful.

       We are once again grateful for their valuable cooperation,personal attention, vary and affection…

This is a case of patient with history of previous 3 missed abortion (spontaneous) with natural conception. Inspite of all investigations (incomplete) there was no single successful pregnancy.

After detailed investigation, Beta 2 Glyco-Protein IgM was the real cause of successive abortion for which Dr. Sachin Kulkarni started Inj. Heparin for 8 and 1/2 months immediately after conception.

Lots of Thanks to Dr. Sachin Kulkarni for blessing me with a child