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We are delighted to report that we have continued to build on our successes in the years since we opened. We have achieved pregnancies for couples successfully all across the country.


Maternal Care

We offer the best possible care you could seek for you and your baby, delivered by some of the best physicians in the country.


Neonatal ICU

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Risky Pregnancy Care

Comprehensive risk pregnancy care to ensure your well being and safe birth of your baby.


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A Sneak Peak of our Hospital

Pristine Women’s Hospital is a team of experienced Gynecologists, serving in women health. The primary goal of our hospital is to provide safe and the best of women care at our center.

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Pristine's Women's Hospital

Pristine Women’s Hospital is a team of experienced Gynecologists, serving in women health. The primary goal of our hospital is to provide safe and the best of women care at our center.

Pristine women’s hospital offers you family-centered care, a true home away from home . This means that you, your family and the important people in your life are as welcomed and involved in your care as you wish. We work with you as partners , encouraging you to ask questions . Pristine is committed to a very safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience . Enjoy the joys of pregnancy with in house dietician , yoga teacher, garbhasanskar classes , massage therapist ,breast feeding management nurse, educative classes conducted by consultants, SMS/ email support .


Sunanda Fertility Clinic. A Branch Of Pristine Women’s Hospital. A clinic established in the Year 2000. And ever since then it has been serving in the field of Test Tube Baby (IVF) and other Fertility Solutions.

A Center Recognized by FOGSI, and which runs according to the guidelines provided by ICMR. A State of Art Clinic.

The Director of Clinic Dr Sachin D Kulkarni M.D. IVF Trained at Hommerton University London U.K.

Having an experience of doing above 2000 IVF cases by now, and also the procedure like ICSI.

We have a well equipped Lab with the latest machineries and technologies like Laser Hatching, Blastocyst, Vitrification of Embryo’s & Banking facility available.

Pristine Imaging Center.  Pristine Women’s Hospital fetal medicine unit started functioning in October 2013. Though the unit is new, with his experience, backed by a dedicated team effort & the confidence shown by referring physicians and the patients as well, obstetric ultrasound achieved new meaning & concept of fetal medicine was established for first time in Western Maharashtra in 2002. With changing times however, a need for a more specialized unit arose.

With PRISTINE FETAL MEDICINE unit the services have expanded into much more than only ultrasound.

Pristine FMU boasts of state of art equipments and facilities. The center has 3 GE Voluson USG machines, E8, E6 and P8, all which are dedicated volume machines with 3D and 4D capacity. These machines have the best resolution in industry today and E8 is specifically designed for needs of a Fetal Medicine Unit. Ours is the probably only FMU unit havingsuch equipments in western Maharashtra.

With better resolution, the scan time is significantly reduced, better anatomical evaluatio0n possible and complicated fetal therapy surgeries are done.

The center offers diagnostic services in

1. Viability scans

2. NT scans at 11-13+6 weeks, combined with uterine artery Doppler in high risk pregnancies.

3. Anomaly scans at 18-22 weeks

4. Fetal echo

5. Doppler assessments of utero-placental perfusion and fetal circulaton.

The center is also offers screening tests such as 

1. Screening for Down’s Syndrome, trisomy 18, trisomy13 with NT and biochemistry

2. Screening for Pre-eclampsia by Uterine Doppler and biochemistry

3. Screening for preterm labour

The center is well equipped to carry out complex fetal therapy procedures such as EXIT procedure for congenital diaphragmatic hernia

AMNIO-INFUSION for oligohydramnios

TTTS management

Chorionic villous biopsy, amniocentesis

Intra-uterine blood transfusion for fetal anemia